The Research Library of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Music Department

Music Department, Lidická 1, 370 59 České Budějovice
Contact person:
Mgr. Petra Podroužková
+420 386 111 215
Activity description: The South Bohemian Research Library in České Budějovice is a contributory organization of the South Bohemian Region. It provides public library and information services. It is the centre of cultural, educational and information services for the city and the South Bohemian region. The Music Department currently manages over 51,000 titles of music, audio and audiovisual documents and titles of the reference library. The collection of the Music Department is unique in the South Bohemia region in terms of its quantity and quality. That is why it is frequently used by professional musicians, students of music schools and the general public. The Music Department also provides services for for visually impaired users. The Historical Collections Department in the Zlatá Koruna Monastery houses a rare music collection of manuscripts and old prints, which has been digitized and is being processed for the RISM source inventory. Some titles will be published in the library edition.
More contacts:
Bc. S. Kadlčková
+420 386 111 215
Mgr. M. Myslivečková
+420 386 111 215
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