Music Library of Prague

Public library with the regional scope is the recipient of mandatory copies from the local publishers.

Mariánské nám. 1 Praha 1, 115 72
Contact person:
Blanka Ellederová
+420 222 113 344
Activity description: The music department of the library was founded in 1893 what makes it the oldest and the largest public music library in the Czech Republic. During the first decades of its existence, it functioned as an independent branch. After 1920s it became a part of the Central library on Mariansky square renamed as the Bedřich Smetana Library. Since 1998 it has functioned as one of the specialised sections of the Central Library and now collects different types of documents that serves for music studies. More than 230,000 documents from the music collection include books on music, magazines, gramophones and LPs, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. Sheet music remains to be the major part of the collection and consists of 150, 000 of mostly printed editions from the 18th to the 21tst century. In addition to the traditional documents, the library is working on providing the access to music documents online through the digital library and international music databases.

130 years of the Music Library
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Alice Machyánová
+420 222113359
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